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Teasday - Yo! Sushi Green Tea

So I popped into Yo! Sushi for lunch as it was Blue Monday & I really enjoy their food. As I was working a late shift & had yet to write a Teasday review I thought I would have a cup or two & get the article done over lunch.

I may as well have reviewed hot water for all the flavour in this tea. I drank 3 cups with my sushi & all of them looked a slightly insipid green colour but otherwise I could easily assume they forgot to put the leaves into the brew.

At £1.50 for unlimited refills I think in future I will stick to the unlimited refills of sparkling water for 45p less as I’ll intentionally be drinking something tasteless!

Sorry Yo! The food was great but the tea was terrible.

Teasday - Bloom Five Step Tea Treatment Plan

Step One: Reawakening Breakfast Tea

Tris very kindly made me the Reawakening Breakfast Tea & brought it to me in bed. This  was a perfect cuppa for first thing in the morning a refreshing, clean taste without any overpowering flavours.

Step Two: Fragrant Green Tea

A strongly jasmine scented tea that I was eager to drink just from the smell. The taste was a pleasing green tea with a slightly bitter aftertaste.  

Step Three: Soothing White Tea

This blend was not one I was eager to try as I’m not a fan of fennel or aniseed. The intense fragrance of these ingredients overpowered the peppermint but once I tasted it I found it to be quite palatable. I was feeling pretty full after a big lunch when I drank this so I was pleased the promise of aiding digestion was fulfilled. Within twenty minutes I felt much better!

Step Four: Energising Earl Grey

Quite simply a tasty blend of Earl Grey that gave me a decent boost for the afternoon.

Step Five: Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea

Very strong vanilla scented rooibos tea that was lovely to drink.

Overall I enjoyed the Tea Treatment but I shan’t be making it part of my daily routine. I don’t have the time to make & drink that much tea throughout the day but it will make me think more about which tea I choose for each time of day when I do make a cup.

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