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Diets - Progress Report #1

Well it is now one week since Tris & I properly began our diet. So far I have lost 2.3kg which makes me rather happy.

There have of course been ups & downs to this week. I’ve had a lot of fun creating low fat but tasty recipes for our meals but we realised that we had been eating around double the portion size we should have been. This has meant that we are suffering hunger pains pretty much all the time as we wait for our stomachs to realise that this is the amount of food to expect from now on. 

On Saturday we decided to have some of the more naughty foods that we like but try to keep within our calorie limits to minimise the risk of gaining back the weight we had lost over the week. Eating tiny portions of these was tasty but it showed us that we were better off having two super healthy meals that we could have a bit more of during the day & then the naughtier lunch or dinner so we don’t repeat the experience of going to bed feeling incredibly hungry. Sunday we put this into practice & found our appetites were much better sated than the previous day.

Onto step two soon. Adding proper exercise into our routine!

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