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Naked Weekend Pampering?

Since I left Lush I have been having a great time investigating other brands of cosmetic products (bunny friendly of course!) & this is one I am beginning to get a little bit addicted to. 

Their Strawberry Jam & Toffee Apple 2in1 kids shampoos have found their way into my gym bag as I love the softness & volume I get from them along with the convenience of not having to carry conditioner with me.

At Boots (online & instore) there are offers on the Naked range right now including BOGOF for the kids haircare, 2 for £6 on adult haircare & 25% off body & skincare. I believe these offers are running until 19th February 2013.

Many thanks to the pals who introduced me to Naked as they are luxurious to use without abusing my purse!

Teasday - Naked Tea & Coffee Company Pinhead Gunpowder Tea

Whilst we were exploring The Lanes of Brighton, Tris & I found an interesting looking purveyor of hot beverages. 

They had old jeans hanging on the balcony as planters & a wonderful japanese style seating area with low tables & lots of cushions. The innovation continued when we ordered our drinks as they arrived not in teapots but in the funky infusing device seen in the video clip! 

I chose the Pinhead Gunpowder tea which was a rather different taste. It had a rich smokey flavour that would have paired beautifully with a lemon drizzle cake. There was no time for cake though as we had to get to the station to catch the train back to London!

Regrettably I cannot find anywhere online to buy this particular tea from Naked Tea & Coffee so I shall have to find an alternative supply until I return to Brighton.

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